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Friday, December 5, 2008

CES Yearbook: Visit the Online Journal

I hope you have the opportunity to visit regularly the CES Yearbook Online. The 8th Grade is publishing this online journal as part of their year-long project to document CES and publish content using various media, including a 64 page print yearbook.  On the CES Yearbook Online, you'll find items that won't necessarily make it into the print version of the yearbook. The students have posted slide shows, writings and news items with photos to capture some of the happening around CES.

The capstone for the CES Technology Program is the school yearbook. Eighth graders apply a variety of creative,and technical skills to chronicle and publish the print and web versions of the school yearbook: journaling, writing, theme development, research, photography, imaging, graphic design, web design/development, and information management. The students learn "real world" business skills, such as collaboration, project management, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity/design, quality control, and integrity.

Students in grade 4 through 7 progress toward achieving the competence and confidence necessary to complet a project at the level of responsibility, complexity, and resiliency that publishing a yearbook demands. Students construct their understanding of technology concepts, and learn how to apply their knowledge and skills in a project-base learning environment that Mr. H's middle school computer classes offer.