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Thursday, September 25, 2008

6th Grade Video Arcade, Featuring Frank's Music Animation

Sixth Grader Frank M. produced a music video that brings his stick figures to life. For all of you Jonas brothers Fans, here's an opportunity to see a fun animation choreographed to a good tune. See below, or check it out on the Sixth Grade Video Arcade page on the Cardinals Nest web space.

Good work, Frank!


Anonymous said...

This is a Great video! I love the song and the effects are really cool! =]

Anonymous said...

Sweet video Frank!
It's pretty awesome :)
- Jordie

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,

I loved the video!! It was soo awesome. I was cracking up soo much. It was totally cool.


CES Class of 2009 said...

frank this is soooooo CUTE i love the jonas brothers and this was so funny!!!!! i cant wait for another video =)

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest video every! I cant beleive you did this! you are amazing!